About the Author

Eliza Bennett is the alter-ego of Tina, a suburban housewife and mother who lives in the British Isles. Eliza lives in a haunted castle in the middle of a lake shrouded in mist. She is a dreamer and is often visited by hunky males of all types, from knights (often in tarnished armour), regency beaus, vampires, shifters, demons, cowboys and aliens to name just a few. She employs a number of house elves to cook, clean and do any other menial tasks around the castle, leaving her footloose and fancy free to interact with her visitors and read their stories so that she can tell you about them on her book review blog Sizzle and Burn. Of particular delight to Eliza are tales of erotic romance, dark fantasy and erotica.

She welcomes you to her world and hopes that you will not be offended by her thoughts on books she has read. Instead she hopes that you will enjoy reading her recommendations of tales of love and passion which often push the envelope and extend your reading beyond your comfort zone, for your further enjoyment.


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